MMP passes the selection for Next Energy

MMP proposal is among the 5 best projects selected by Terna in the frame of the "Call for Growth" program.

MMP passes the selection for Next Energy

MMP passes the selection for Next Energy 1763 1175 Milano Multiphysics

MMP has been selected in the Call for Growth by Next Energy, Cariplo Factory to access the Engage Phase and start a collaborative service development and deploy test with TERNA.

Value proposition, technological innovation, compatibility and scalability with respect to Terna requests were the main criteria judged by the commission.

During the final step of the startup competition, the Selection Workshop held in Rome at Terna’s premises on the 15/01/2019, we presented to the committee our innovative approach to provide TERNA with accurate, probabilistic estimates of operating reserve requirements.

MMP methodology adopts probabilistic, ensemble weather forecast and bayesian inference to update the day ahead uncertainty and correlation estimates for the expected zonal renewable production and load demand.

After this four-month Engage phase, a direct collaboration between MMP and Terna could be built.